Between the urgent requirements and the almost always hectic pace of work.

It is any ordinary morning, but with each sip of hot tea we can rediscover the refuge of aromas and flavors.

And then, for an instant, we are isolated in time.


I still remember the first aromas opening a box of tea or sipping a cup in the back room. Even being simple aromas they were authentic and refined.

Today the world changes at full speed but from TéO we continue to infuse tea leaves and create new blends with the same passion and dedication.

And above all, as we have done from day one, we do not want to stop meeting around a cup, isolating ourselves in time again and feeling the refuge of those aromas.

Víctor Prats Giersen, CEO of Riera Giersen, S.A.

My particular version of paradise is being in my favorite place with a cup of tea …

At TéO we are pioneers in offering high quality teas in Spain and we have the opportunity to collaborate with internationally renowned clients, loyal to this day.

Our philosophy remains unchanged; offer with the same affection high quality, innovation, health and an exquisite presentation.

Silvia Giersen, Co-founder of Riera Giersen, S.A.